5 Reasons Your Employees Should Have ID Cards

Men hand reaching to use RFID key card to access the area. In building security only for authorized person.

If you’re deciding whether your workplace needs ID cards, we’ve got a few tips to help. On the one hand, it seems to be a big investment, but on the other hand, if you’ve got important information to protect, it is very worthwhile. 

In this modern era, nearly every building has ID cards – from large apartment buildings to hospitals, law offices, commercial spaces, schools, and even small and medium independently-owned businesses. 

Here are a few reasons why so many places are investing in an ID card system.

Heightened Security

Your business is worth protecting. Whether you have sensitive client files or simply want to keep your employees safe, ID cards can help. 

Firstly, ID cards prevent the wrong people from entering your workspace and accessing files, or even posing a violent threat. It’s not a reality most people want to think about, but it does happen throughout the country. Requiring ID card access prevents unfriendly visitors, and that’s vital for everyone. It’s all too easy for a stranger to gain access to the office and make off with client files, hack technology, or otherwise compromise your client’s security and privacy. 

More Control Over Access

With the help of better technology, you can also have ID cards for varying levels of employees, so that only the right staff members have access to certain information. You can have ID card scanners at certain areas in the workspace if you have any restricted areas. Or, you can require ID card access for certain files. 

Employee Morale, Confidence in Coworkers

When everyone has an ID badge, there’s a change in atmosphere. Everyone will know each other’s names and be able to connect better as a team. 

Having your company’s branding all over the office makes your employees feel like they’re a part of something and has been known to boost morale around the office. 

Better Customer Relations

Similar to how your employees will know each other’s names, having an ID card can improve customer service relations by making interactions more personable. When your clients know someone’s name, that immediately boosts the connection and gives them a better, more personalized experience.

Improved Accountability

When you have an office space with many people and departments, it’s easy to miscommunicate assignments, pass on responsibilities, and otherwise make it difficult to assess who did what. With an ID card, people feel the responsibility to perform to certain roles and expectations. 

It’ll also be easier for your employees to be specific – rather than saying “I gave this to someone in marketing,” they’ll have a specific rhyme and reason, so that management can hold people accountable. 

When employees have an ID card, you can also easily see what time people come in and out, ensuring that people are on time and working their assigned sets of hours. You can see who’s been accessing what and which parts of the building, which is important as your business grows. 

Quality ID Cards for Any Business

If you’re looking at improving your security, BEC Plastic Card Solutions can help. We’ve got all the tools you need to install an ID card system and secure your workspace. We have bundles that include all of your basic tools, refill supplies, and other ID printing tools for an easy and high-tech ID card solution.