Photo ID vs Mobile ID: Which One is Best?

Just like in most instances in this day and age, our mobile phones are becoming the devices we rely on for most things – including presenting your employee ID. 

Many large office buildings, schools, and other places that normally require showing photo ID to gain access are now switching to mobile ID cards. Using a cell phone is considered easier, less time-consuming, and more accurate in most cases, including when it comes to ID cards. 

However, it may not be the right decision for every space. Here are a few tips if you’re deciding whether photo ID or mobile ID cards are best for you. 

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Entrust Sigma – The Benefits of Mobile IDs

The benefits of mobile IDs are amplified with the incredible service of Entrust Instant IDs and Mobile Flash Passes. At BEC Plastic Card Solutions, we are proud to offer Entrust technology to those clients looking for an easy, environmentally-friendly solution to office security. 

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Why You Should Upgrade to Cardless Mobile IDs

Most office buildings across America rely on ID cards to ensure only the correct personnel get access to their workplace, but this system is now becoming a thing of the past as many offices go cardless. 

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