Entrust Sigma – The Benefits of Mobile IDs

A personal identity verification (PIV) card is used to login to a workspace computer.

The benefits of mobile IDs are amplified with the incredible service of Entrust Instant IDs and Mobile Flash Passes. At BEC Plastic Card Solutions, we are proud to offer Entrust technology to those clients looking for an easy, environmentally-friendly solution to office security. 

Mobile flash pass credentials work with Apple Wallet or Google Wallet Pass so that anyone can use it without hassle. Entrust Instant ID as a Service (IIDaaS™) allows operations managers to issue both physical and mobile/digital ID cards, customize their designs and decide what information they want to keep. 

In general, having identification before entering a workplace or other secure building is vital. It lessens the chances that thieves, hackers, or other dubious characters can get into an office space and cause havoc. 

With better technology, the system can be updated quickly to reflect your current staffing situation, so you won’t have to worry about former employees turning up and being allowed in because their IDs still work. 

Here are a few benefits to using Entrust technology to keep your building safe.

Excellent Technology That Works

Entrust’s system is secure and encrypted to prevent hacks and leaks. Tracking has shown that Entrust technology has a “99% uptime” track record, meaning fewer breakages and less downtime, issues that can leave your building unprotected. You’ll also get a contingency plan in case of a natural disaster so that your identification system works anywhere, anytime. 

Customizable Mobile Flash Pass Designs

One of the best parts of the Mobile Flash Pass system is that you can control and design the look of the ID, which also means that you can store any information you want. You can choose what you want to include on the ID, such as a barcode, picture, expiration dates, name of the employer, birthdays, as well as the company name, address, and support email – so these IDs are handy for employees as well as management.

Easy to Issue and Send a Mobile Pass

One of the most significant drawbacks to most ID systems is that you have to wait to print an ID, and if a building is large and houses numerous businesses, there can often be a backup until a new employee is issued a pass. This is a problem for employees who need to get into work on time and companies that want an easier way to get workers into the office. With Mobile Pass, you can create, issue, and send a pass right away and then focus on printing a physical badge without hindering an individual. 

Scalability and Configuration

The importance of scalability is not to be underestimated! Every time your building grows, expands, or loses or gains new businesses, you need your identification service to be scalable enough to meet the requirements of any company. 

Entrust is also scalable for remote work and student needs. Configuration means that you can adjust the identification system for a particular section, like a specific office, to go with their particular security policies. 

Easy to Install

If you’re looking at upgrading your security system with mobile and physical ID cards, call BEC Plastic Card Solutions at (855) 347-9494 and talk to us about your needs. We can recommend the best products for your budget and building security requirements.