Ways to Increase Security in Your Office

back view of guard in black uniform with security lettering standing near computers in office

Safety is a primary concern for everyone in an office building. There are several ways that you can keep your office safe and secure. Every office building or workspace should have numerous emergency and contingency plans shared with employees. 

Offices and workspaces usually have important private documents, technology, and other information that scammers would want to steal. Plus, there is the individual safety of your employees. 

We’ve put together a few simple ideas that can make a significant impact in terms of office safety.

1. Have a Photo ID System 

The first thing to add to your workplace to make it safer is a mandatory photo ID for all employees. This will prevent unwanted individuals from entering the building or any office. 

While violence in office buildings is rare, it does happen, and photo IDs will stop malintent persons from causing chaos. More common are thieves, hackers, vandals, or other non-violent criminals. They can do a lot of damage to any business. From sneaking in spyware devices to grabbing or destroying important files – you want to do your best to ensure security in your workplace. 

If it is a private building, you can have ID scanners at the main entrance, but if your office is in a public or open space, there are also ID solutions that work for a smaller area. 

2. Label and Keep Track of Office Equipment

Stolen office equipment may not seem like much, but it absolutely adds up and affects your bottom line. 

To avoid this, make it the office manager’s job to create a spreadsheet and log and label all of your equipment. Computers, printers, and digital devices should be the priority, but it is a good idea to take inventory of all office supplies if you have the time.

3. Install a CCTV System

In 2022, it is essential to have cameras installed in your office. 

Some smaller workplaces have avoided installing them, citing privacy issues, which are a legitimate concern. At the same time, there are a lot of safety pros to having cameras. 

You’ll be able to keep track of office incidents, making resolving any safety issues easier. In an office, theft is common – sometimes it is office supplies, and sometimes it is another employee’s personal items. Having a camera deters office theft and provides the necessary evidence if anything is stolen. Videos can be submitted to the police if that situation arises. 

4. Improve Your Office Rules, Have a Safety Plan, and Train Your Employees

Another less obvious way to keep people safe is to prepare them beforehand. No one likes to spend time on imagined disastrous scenarios, but the best way to offset an emergency is by knowing what to do. 

It is also vital to establish rules for your employees, such as not loitering in staircases, avoiding working alone, or working late without an escort. Go over these rules at least every few months and go over any contingency plans on what people should do if there is a bomb threat, violent individual, fire, flood, or other natural disasters. 

If you’re looking for the proper tools to make your office safer through photo IDs, visit BEC Plastic Card Solutions or give us a call at 855-347-9494. We have a variety of packages and materials so you can find the perfect ID system for your office or workplace.