Why You Should Upgrade to Cardless Mobile IDs

Unrecognizable Black Woman Using Brand New Mobile Phone

Most office buildings across America rely on ID cards to ensure only the correct personnel get access to their workplace, but this system is now becoming a thing of the past as many offices go cardless. 

Mobile IDs are an easy way for employees to show their identification. When companies began to go remote at the start of the pandemic, many employers began to issue mobile IDs. As offices come back and life resumes, you can expect that there will be major changes to the way employees present their IDs thanks to technological advancements. 

If you haven’t yet upgraded your building but are considering going cardless, there are a number of ways that this can benefit you. 

Mobile ID Systems Make Management Easy

Once your entire ID system is mobile, it is far easier to use than machines, scanners, and printers. The office or building manager will be able to easily find individuals’ information, and add or remove people from your system quickly. Occupancy monitoring and tracking visitors will also be digitally logged, and therefore become a simpler task. 

Plus, employees will no longer have to bother to find their ID cards, which saves them time during busy mornings. Mobile ID solutions prevent common issues with printed ID cards, like losing the card itself, or having the scan bar rub away from overuse.

Save Money on Equipment

 In the past, ID systems required a network of devices such as ID scanners and printers. These machines also break, or become outdated and warrant replacement. Rather than spending money to replace this equipment every few years, consider a mobile ID system to cut down on hardware and simplify your inventory.

Environmentally Friendly

Printing out and using plastic for ID cards constantly can be wasteful. Especially in large buildings with multiple offices and hundreds of employees with consistent turnaround, that amounts to quite a large amount of plastic wasted on printing ID cards. With mobile IDs, you won’t have to spend time, money, or put more plastic out into the planet.

More Safe, Less Contact 

As businesses continue to operate throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many office buildings are trying to limit contact points for staff and visitors. Mobile ID cards can easily track how many people are in the building or office so that it does not become too packed. 

For employees that are responsible for taking ID photos and getting an individual’s information, a mobile ID solution limits contact and results in safer issuance and scanning.

Professional Services

If you’re looking to upgrade your building’s security with cardless mobile IDs or any other form of identification security, call the experts at BEC Plastic Card Solutions at 855-347-9494 and see what solutions exist for your office. 

We offer competitive pricing on all ID card products, whether you want to go mobile or keep it classic with scanners and an in-house printer. Plus, you’ll get free shipping on all items. 

Depending on how many people you have going in and out of the building, there may be an even more effective security solution than you think. Having employees present some form of identification when entering a building is safe and effective.